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Barrio Viejo, Tucson, AZ.
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In the Shadow of the Volcano


Symbol of the Borderlands and the Americas.

Jaguar, 8x10

Illustration/Graphite on Paper 

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Protect our Grand Canyon. I just got back from a 10 day river trip with the Nation Nation. I was inspired to create inspiring images to foster cultural and land stewardship in regards to the proposed tramway. For more info:


What is a Grand Canyon River Trip journey like? Join us on for Navajo Nation Historic Preservation Dept. Colorado River trip 2014 by Tony Marinella


In 2012, the Border Patrol shot through the posts of a fence and killed Jose Antonio Elena-Rodriguez, a 16-year-old who was throwing rocks. The metal posts of the barrier divide Nogales, Arizona from Nogales in the Mexican state of Sonora. More than a year and a half after the shooting, a cross marks the spot of the teenager’s death. (@nprinskeep/NPR) 

Moon and Jupiter. This sky map shows the location of Jupiter near the gibbous moon at 7 p.m. local time on Feb. 10, 2014 as seen from mid-northern latitudes.

Seperado Nunca : All Souls Procession Tucson, AZ 2013 
I watched Under The Volcano this past Dia De Los Muertes and played Lalo Guerrero all day into the night. The extra chocolate turkey mole simmered and the candles burned to welcome those wandering souls home. I offered a toast of Don Cuco Sotol, el sabor de Chihuahua, remembering the flowers scattered in loving memory; the taste of melting ice cream and visiting loved ones at their grave; Mariachis caress the photos of their lost compadres and sing him a song; plastic flower gardens bloom in the desert, the earth holds the bones of memory.

….They say we are poor,
but I never noticed that.
I was happy in my world
in that neighborhood I loved.

Beautiful were the serenades
at three o’clock in the morning
that I used to sing to my love,
right close up to her window.

Along the street of the convent,
there’s a destroyed house
left like a monument
to the great love of my life.

Poor old neighborhood,
how it must hurt,
when in the name of progress,
another wall is torn down.

Viejo barrio, old neighborhood,
I too have gotten old.
And when one gets old,
no one remembers you.

Let us die together.
Let them bury me in your soil
and we’ll be two corpses
surrounded by a thousand memories. LALO GUERRERO

Lalo Guerrero: Barrio Viejo where I live in Tucson.

The lyrics to Barrio Viejo:

Don Cuco Sotol, el sabor de Chihuahua,

I really love this video’s message that can be grasp by kids and adults who make the decisions of what we eat - it is a great mix of photography; animation; whimsically and intelligently addressing FOOD in the public schools in America. This is before Pink Slime even which looks like a scary cartoon reality imposed on our lower income families- very inspiring - and one can digest the information w/o a tummy ache ; ) We all have a LOT to learn still - no more fake food ! Keep it real for the future. 

NOTES from the other side of the Fence-

I am back in America ; in Arizona with my heart in Mexico -I have great respect and admiration for the PEACE, DIGNITY AND JUSTICE Movement born out of the region of Chihuahua the place I have called my home for the past five years at the hight of the violence that has plagued my community. The story of Julien Le Baron and his family is an important one - and under reported in our American media. I came across  this report and wanted to share it. There is much to learn about our countries inter-relationship ; the effects of NAFTA; the ‘war on drugs’ that is destroying communities and a way of life. I believe in the work towards peace. 


Channel: Latin American Affairs

Mexico’s movement for “Peace with Justice and Dignity” took another blow this week, after gunmen killed and tortured indigenous activist, Jose Trinidad de la Cruz.

But despite the violence they…

The image of the US/MX border being used as a volleyball net is so poignant. No matter how high or far we build the wall, people will find a way to connect. It’s our nature as human beings. History should have taught us that by now. There are much more intelligent and humane ways to stem illegal immigration than wasting money building an ineffectual wall. Hopefully our politicians will “Wake Up” soon to some more operative solutions. Gil Gillenwater, founder of  www.ranchofeliz.com 

SPIKE the BORDER! Humanitarian service on the borderlands

A Canadian Woman’s Volleyball  team from Ryerson University  and www.ranchofeliz.om  serve it up in Agua Prieta distributing 10 tons of food - help build a family a new home - and play ball - a tri-national cultural exchange - 



From founder, GIL GILENWATER: The Ryerson group was featured on the Agua Prieta – Morning Show. The girls look a bit scared but it was fun. And we all think Alejandro is now a superstar! Next stop for him – “Dancing with the Stars”? It’s mostly in Spanish but a documentary (in English) of the week is now in the formative stages. More on that to follow. ~ Gil

  • Robert Diehl That’s really powerful - reduce the affluents’ poverty of purpose by getting them to help reduce the poors’ material poverty.
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  • Deborah K. Hirsch Brava, mujeres athleticas!
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  • Gil Gillenwater Robert - we call it reciprocal giving - fueled by enlightened self interest. It works! We must always remember that we cannot have givers without receivers. And for this we owe the Mexican poor a huge debt of gratitude.
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